Reshaping Your Workplace with A.I. Technology

We were very honored to have been invited by Ricoh (China) to speak to their key clients about our latest FaceX A.I. Intelligence Face Recognition Technology and Conference Meeting Management System at the recent Enterprise Smart Office & Printing Solutions Exhibition in Beijing.



With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and cloud computing, we believe that new products which leverage the power of big data and mobile solutions are transforming the way we do business.


The Key Strengths of Our Technology


FaceX Intelligence Face Recognition System


Artificial Intelligence ╳ Face Recognition=
Intelligence Face Recognition System


Equipped with the latest professional-grade biometric technology, our ultra-accurate facial recognition security system works seamlessly with our powerful state-of-the-art security management systems, including access control, attendance recording, CCTV video streaming, catering, electronic payment, building management, parking, crowd control, alarms, and green technology, to provide a genuinely comprehensive and cutting-edge security system capable of being tailored exactly to your organization’s requirements.




5 Key Highlights

Advance AI algorithm

Simultaneous comparison of 106 facial elements resulting in an astonishingly high accuracy rate.

Rapid Face Recognition

Face recognition time of 0.3 seconds

Powerful Real-Time Notification

Automatic identification of abnormal activities, preset high-risk groups and real-time alarm.

Professional Security Level

Unique liveness detection technology

Advanced A.I. Technology

Utilizes A.I. deep learning to distinguish between age, race, sex, facial features and facial expressions



Conference & Meeting Management

A reliable conference room booking and visitor management system is an essential productivity toolkit for any organization. Our efficient centralized room booking and visitor management platform integrates seamlessly with our state-of-the-art access control system. It also works with an organization’s building OA system to collect and analyze various information, such as conference room usage, scheduling, staffing, equipment status, meetings durationA truly smart solution designed to maximize productivity of your office!




Centralized Management
Maximize Resource Efficiency
Enhance Security Level
Big Data Analysis
Integrated with Building Management System

As one of the very few leading high-end security solution providers with our own dedicated in-house research and development laboratory, we are passionate about management security technology and we constantly strive to be at the forefront of innovation in designing and developing smart management solutions and in setting the gold standard for customer service.

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