Travelodge tackles Covid-19 with Integrated’s Thermal Solution

Situated right in center of town in Hong Kong, Travelodge Central Hollywood Road is an extremely popular hotel for young people and business travellers. Faced with Covid-19, Travelodge Central Hollywood Road was one of the very first hotels to adopt rapid action to guard against the risk of the pandemic on its premises and to protect its guests and staff.  


Travelodge Central Hollywood Road

Travelodge Central Hollywood Road chose Integrated Corporation’s brand new FaceX Thermal solution equipped with the latest AI algorithm and industry leading professional grade thermal sensors.

The self-service all-in-one smart tablet means that hotel guests and staff can check their own temperature 24/7 at the hotel entrances and main access points.



Integrated FXA-D6T face tablet is deployed at the hotel’s lobby entrance and key access point. Built with an industry leading thermal sensor, the tablet returns temperature readings at a superior speed. The tablet is also able to record and generate temperature reports for subsequent use. 


Integrated FXA-D6T


FaceX Thermal Smart Tablet


Thermal detection FaceX access control system

Our brand new FaceX thermal camera can help detect elevated temperatures with an accuracy rate of +/-0.5°C. Alarms can be set to go off when the temperature threshold is exceeded and records can be kept for review.


No need for an operator or guard walking around with a temperature gun

There is no need for an operator to sit in front of a camera as the system can automatically determine whether a person has an abnormal temperature reading. The user can also see his or her own temperature in real-time. The total evaluation period takes less than a few seconds.


Body Temperature Mobile Push Notification


Make sure masks are worn in your office

Integrated’s FaceX also has mask detection and can check if an individual has put on their mask as required. The system sounds an alarm and can record the incident for review.


Combine access control security and thermal detection

Our all-in-one smart tablet combines instant thermal detection, a live alarm system and our professional face recognition access control system and attendance system.



Supports a distance of 60 to 70 cm


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