Visitor Management

A reliable room booking and visitor management system is an essential productivity toolkit for any organization.

Highly cost effective investment for an organization

Often your organization’s visitor and conference room booking system will be the first window through which your visitors and employees get to know how your organization operates. An easy and secure visitor registration process followed by smooth access to a conference meeting room will set a professional tone for your organization and become one of the most cost effective investments your organization will make.


More efficient use of resources, less wasted time and frustration

Have you ever been in a situation where a confusion over a meeting time or place meant that the meeting had to be cancelled or reorganized? This results in a precious resource and time being wasted together with needless frustration for guests and users. 

This type of inefficiency translates into a huge financial and time cost for organizations each year. Most frequently it is due to outdated booking systems where receptions are still relying on paper-based systems or slow electronic platforms to record complex booking patterns and changes by hand.


Centralized smart system plus green technology

At Integrated, we have helped a large number of businesses and educational institutions upgrade to an efficient centralized room booking and visitor management platform so that users can see booking slots in real time and make online bookings with a click. Visitors can be photo ID’ed and registered securely in a matter of seconds. 

Our cutting-edge room booking and visitor management platform also has built-in facial recognition support, so users can make room bookings online and simply access their pre-booked rooms using their faces as their key. 

This innovative feature combines the benefits of increased security, enhanced central control and green technology:

    • Eliminate unauthorized access through card theft or fraud
    • Monitor and record the precise number and identities of persons gaining access to a room
    • No more replacing lost or damaged keycards
    • Better facility monitoring also means that more efficient light, heating and air-conditioning management
    • Instant alert sent to users when time is up for booking
    • Emergency alerts pushed to room user’s mobile device


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